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Gretchen Newman

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The purpose of this report is to document an II-month study of the erosional effects livestock grazing had on Tajique Creek hillslopes in the Cibola National Forest, New Mexico. Two study areas were selected with similar characteristics. The two areas were located approximately one eighth of a mile apart and varied by ownership and use. The southernmost study area is Forest Service property in which local citizens have obtained permits for livestock ranching. The northern most study area is privately owned and has not been used for livestock grazing in the past 10 years. Eleven months of erosion measurements and assessments are documented in this report. In addition, this report documents water quality samples data taken in the Tajique Creek at two times of the year. The water quality data will serve as a baseline for future studies in the watershed. Finally, a recommendation for managing Tajique watershed for production of a healthier vegetation cover is proposed.

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Grazing--Environmental aspects--New Mexico--Cibola National Forest., Water quality--New Mexico--Cibola National Forest., Watershed management--New Mexico--Cibola National Forest.


A professional project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Water Resources, Water Resources Program, University of New Mexico. July 5, 1996.