Water Resources Professional Project Reports

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Summer 2020


Flooding, water quality degradation and erosion are some of the negative impacts created by poorly managed urban stormwater runoff. Managing runoff is an ongoing challenge for watershed managers because of the constantly changing landscape due to development and redevelopment. The Village of Ruidoso in South Central New Mexico is an example of an urban area that is taking an innovative and progressive approach to stormwater management. The focus of this professional project was to perform a stormwater analysis for the Village of Ruidoso, apply it to the Horton Complex – an old school complex that the Village acquired and wants to redevelop– and propose a plan to manage stormwater on-site using Low Impact Development Techniques (LID) methods. A hydrologic assessment was conducted on the Horton Complex site that included; rain data analysis, stormwater runoff analysis and soil analysis. The results were incorporated into a preliminary design for on-site stormwater management using several LID treatments including: bioswales, a bioretention basin, a swale and numerous Green Infrastructure (GI) landscape areas. The Village plans on using these treatments as a demonstration project that will be used as a step towards updating their local development standards for stormwater management.


urban, stormwater, runoff, Ruidoso, Horton complex