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This professional project reviews the water quality along The Middle Rio Grande in New Mexico from the Cochiti Dam to the town of Bernalillo to San Acacia. This project focuses on the quality of the surface and well water and its implications to human health. The State of New Mexico Environment Department provided historical data of the well water quality in Albuquerque and the surrounding area. This project focuses on the analysis of chemical and microbiological testing in the areas of the North Valley, South Valley and Albuquerque Acres. The Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BMEP) provided historical data that identifies surface and well water quality using a chemical and biological panel of testing. The issue of well water in a state such as New Mexico is a major concern. For households served by private wells, wastewater treatment and disposal are usually done by septic and leaching systems. Sewage discharge from households that are close to one another could create a cluster of disease.


Middle Rio Grande, New Mexico, human health, surface water, well water, chemical testing, microbiological testing, Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program, BMEP, sewage

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