Patrick J. Chavez Sr. Oral History Video Interview


Patrick Chavez became a Union Man in 1974 when he joined UA Local 412 and started his apprenticeship in the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union. Chavez was active in his Local by participating in contract negotiations and benefit plan development as well as serving as leadership. He also acted as organizer in New Mexico. \Shifting gears in 1986, Chavez worked for AFT NM. In that time, he served as bill analyst for Sen. Carlos Cisneros. Chavez then went to work for the National Educators Association NEA in NM and served as NEA National Staff Organizer for the Western States. Chavez also sat on the Board for the NEA National Pension Plan. Chavez’ Labor story is a robust account of many of New Mexico’s organized Labor struggles and successes.

Labor Involvement

Member United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters UA Local 412, Steward and Organizer UA Local 412, Staff for American Federation of Teachers AFT NM, Staff National Educators Association NEA NM, National Staff Organization NSO Representative NEA, Northern New Mexico Central Labor Council, member Santa Fe Living Wage Roundtable.

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UA Local 412, Los Alamos National Lab LANL, Zia Company, Dewey Muller UA Local 412, David Rivera Business Agent UA Local 412, Senator Joseph Montoya, Mechanical Contractors Association, Rex Brassel UA Local 412, apprenticeship, strike fund, OSHA, Building Trades NM, Right to Work legislation, Don Whatley President Albuquerque Teachers Federation, TFUSE Taos Federation of United School Employees, collective bargaining, PEBA Public Employee Bargaining Act, PEBA sunset clause, Mary Jo Reimer, Governor Bruce King, COPE Convention, Senator Carlos Cisneros, NM State Education Committee, tenure, due process, arbitration, National Staff Organization NEA, National Pension Reform (Teachers Unions), Senator Manny Aragon, Highlands University.


Labor History


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Patrick J. Chavez Sr. Oral History Video Interview