Robin Gould Oral History Interview


Robin Gould’s Labor story began in 1989 while working as an editor at the NM State Office of Archeological Studies. Gould joined CWA Local 7037 during an organizing drive for NM State workers. After becoming involved in the Union, Gould supported the contract language for family (pre-FLSA) paid leave for Union work as well as improved worker evaluations. In time, Gould took on the role of Steward for Local 7037 and started to represent State workers in grievances and health and safety issues on the job. She also developed an interest in the culture of the Labor Movement. In her work and Labor careers, she served as a leader in CWA Local 7037. Gould participated in her Union from the time prior to the Public Employee Bargaining Act (PEBA) through to its inception, sunset, and re-institution of the law. Gould participated in many Union organizing drives and Labor actions in New Mexico. Gould served as administrative support for the Southwest Organizing School of the George Meany Center for Labor Studies. She rounded out her long Labor career serving as Staff Rep for CWA in the Denver office. Gould served working people with courage and success in Labor relations for 30+ years in the Labor movement in New Mexico.

Labor Involvement

Museum of New Mexico Office of Archeological Studies, New Mexico State Office of Cultural Affairs, Communications Workers of America –CWA Staff Representative, Vice President and President CWA Local 7037, Northern New Mexico Central Labor Council, NM State Federation of Labor Delegate.

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Communications Workers of America CWA Local 7037, Public Employee Bargaining Act PEBA, AFSCME, Carpenters and Joiners Union, workplace rights, terms and conditions of employment, arbitration, grievances, termination, wage theft, internal organizing, union busting, social issues of poverty, racism, equity, family leave, CWA private sector workers (Mt. Bell, Verizon AT&T, David Coss, Carol Oppenheimer and Morty Simon, NM Governors: Bruce King, Gary Johnson, Bill Richardson, Suzanna Martinez, Michelle Lujan Grisham, Northern NM Central Labor Council, Janus vs. AFSCME, Meow Wolf (Santa Fe), Graduate Students University of Colorado in Boulder.


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Robin Gould Oral History Interview