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Annette Arvizu Oral History Interview


Annette Arvizu Oral History Interview

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Annette Arvizu was born in Vaughn NM and grew up in Albuquerque NM. Having tried her hand at many different jobs, she attended college at the University of New Mexico (Valencia) and attained her BA. In 1999, Arvisu started working at the Los Lunas Community Center as a job developer for special needs (mental and physical challenges) persons in Valencia County. Besides dedicating her life to serving the population of need, Arvisu also became an active Union member of AFSCME Local 1894. She continues her activism as a leader with AFSCME Council 18 Retirees.

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AFSCME 1894, NM State Department of Health, Los Lunas Community Program, EMERGE, PERA COLA, Valencia County Right to Work law, Valencia Democratic women, health and safety on the job, arbitration, Ray Powell, Eva Lujan (Las Cruces), JD Doran (Retirees), AFSCME Council 18.


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Annette Arvizu Oral History Interview