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Andrew Gutierrez Oral History Interview


Andrew Gutierrez Oral History Interview

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Andrew Gutierrez grew up in the South Valley of Albuquerque and worked a number of jobs in the food and beverage industry before he started his Union job as a dough mixer operator at the Bimbo Bakeries in Albuquerque. Grateful to finally have job benefits and a living wage, Gutierrez immediately supported the Union (BCTGM Local #351) and developed leadership as a shop steward to enforce the Union contract on the front line. Gutierrez also attended Labor Education classes at the Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School and deepened his interest in educating the Local’s members to know their Weingarten Rights, to be aware of safety and health issues on the job, and to foster Union solidarity. Committed to Joe Hill’s famous call to organize and not agonize, Gutierrez envisions organizing new workers to join and build the BCTGM Local. With enthusiasm, conviction and a strong belief in the Labor movement, Gutierrez recently took on a new role as Union President of Local #351.

Labor Involvement

President/Business Manager, Vice President, Shop Steward of BCTGM Local 351 (Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Union) New Mexico, Albuquerque Democratic Socialists of America, Member IWW (Industrial Workers of the World), Vice President of the New Mexico State Federation of Labor, Delegate Bernalillo County Central Labor Council, Mixer Operator for Bimbo Bakeries USA.

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BCTGM (Bakery Confectionery Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Union) Local #351 New Mexico, Bimbo Bakeries (Grupo Bimbo Mexico), Earl Reed (past President Local #351), Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School, BCTGM International, grocery stores, direct action, internal and external organizing, contract benefits, solidarity, Labor History, Labor Law.


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Andrew Gutierrez Oral History Interview