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Rick A. Martínez Oral History Interview


Rick A. Martínez Oral History Interview

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Born in Santa Fe NM, Rick Martinez’ first job was as a mortician at the Berardinelli Funeral Home. After a few years, Martinez left that job to start working with his father and brothers in a family painting business where they developed contracts at various commercial businesses and with many residences in Santa Fe NM. The painting business lasted for over 20 years and then Martinez found his real work in neighborhood protection, preservation and appropriate development in the City of Santa Fe. Martinez has promoted community input in strengthening neighborhoods in Santa Fe City Council forums. He has been vigilant to monitor zoning designations and affordable housing set asides as well as to facilitate neighborhood participation in growth and development. One of his proudest achievements is the creation of the caboose landmark at the corner of St. Francis and Cerrillos Roads.

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Victor Manuel Martinez and Tessie Delgado (parents), Old Santa Fe Trail Association, Barrio de la Canada, Berardinelli Mortuary, Santa Fe’s Neighborhood Network, Karen Heldmeyer, zoning issues, Canyon Road neighborhood, “fee in lieu of” (affordable housing), Phil Bové (Acequia Madre), Santa Fe Grandstand, Keep Santa Fe Beautiful.


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Rick A. Martínez Oral History Interview