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Michael E. Vigil Oral History Interview


Michael E. Vigil Oral History Interview

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orn in Santa Fe NM and educated at the University of New Mexico, Michael Vigil joined with other students to address the civil rights and social and economic justice issues of the 1960s and 70s. He graduated from UNM Law School in 1974 and started work at the Community Law Center in Santa Fe. Vigil and his partners represented New Mexico community organizations, Labor Unions, La Clinica del Pueblo in Tierra Amarilla NM and other litigants in civil rights issues, particularly in police brutality cases throughout the state. As a member of the National Lawyers Guild, he traveled to Nicaragua as an observer and Labor consultant after the Sandinistas took power in 1979. In 1994, Vigil was appointed Judge in the First Judicial District NM where he was involved in the development of Drug Court and Treatment Court (alternative sentencing programs).

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Retail Clerks Union, United Farm Workers (UFW), Craig Vincent, Joan Friedland, Juan Chacon (Local 890, Salt of the Earth), NM District 1199, Delma Delora, Billie Rose, NM State Federation of Labor, Workers Compensation, Gov. Bill Richardson, AFSCME, Public Employee Bargaining Act PEBA, Southwest Organizing School, arbitration, intersection of law and organizing, UALE (United Association of Labor Educators) Robin Gould (CWA), Matt Taylor (NM AFL CIO), Sue Schurman, Jeep Gilliland (SMART), Santa Fe Living Wage, Fight for $15, Sector Union Organizing.


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Michael E. Vigil Oral History Interview