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Carla López Oral History Interview


Carla López Oral History Interview

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Having grown up in a ranching family in Tucumari NM, López moved to Santa Fe and started work at the Community Law Center on San Francisco St. in 1973. During the time she worked at the Center, she developed her paralegal skills on the job and at the UNM Law School. She worked with the law center’s legal team in cases involving civil rights, Labor Unions, police violence, medical malpractice, water and land issues. As a member of the National Lawyers Guild, she traveled to Cuba in 1974. López served on the Santa Fe School Board for 2 terms. She worked in health education and Indian education, (NITI). Working for the City of Santa Fe in the David Coss (mayor) administration, she also participated in the Living Wage Network, the City of Santa Fe Immigration Committee, and numerous educational, immigration, and social justice initiatives in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico.

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Joan Friedland, Morty Simon, Michael Vigil, Peggy Nelson (Community Law Center), La Clinica de la Gente, National Lawyers Guild, National Service Corps, Steelworkers Local 890, St. Vincent’s Hospital Professional Performance Assn. (District 1199), City of Santa Fe, Fidel Castro, birth classes, National Indian Telecommunication Institute (NITI), National Indian Education Association, Santa Fe Living Wage Network, Mayor David Coss, City of Santa Fe Constituent Services, Santa Fe School Board, Somos un Pueblo Unido, Solace Treatment Center.


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Carla López Oral History Interview