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Jon Hendry Oral History Interview


Jon Hendry Oral History Interview

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Jon Hendry contributes a Labor Story rich in local and national Labor History. Born in Scotland, he moved to the US as immigrant in pursuit of the American dream. Hendry worked in Rock and Roll for 10 years before pursuing work in the movie business. Hendry started as an Assistant Location Manager. When he moved to New Mexico in 1989, he became involved in the film incentives program first introduced under Governor Gary Johnson’s administration. Continuing his movie and TV work as a Business Agent for IATSE Local 480, Hendry has been involved in numerous endeavors highlighting the value of film as a viable and robust industry for New Mexico.

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IATSE Local 480, movie and TV industry, NM State Federation of Labor, “Salt of the Earth”, Ludlow Massacre, Voice for All Workers, Fight for 15 Campaign, AFSCME vs. Janus lawsuit, paid sick leave, Right to Work, IP (Intellectual Property) issues, Labor and community connection.


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Jon Hendry Oral History Interview