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Rose Martinez Oral History Interview


Rose Martinez Oral History Interview

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Rose Martinez worked at Levi Strauss Company in Albuquerque for 28 and a half years, starting in 1971. She started sewing pockets on men’s blue jeans. After six months, she moved up to Supervisor- Instructor and showed new workers how to sew “on the line” and in a piecework system. Martinez provides a detailed description of work life at Levi Strauss. She reflects on the importance of the company as it provided good paying jobs with benefits for many Albuquerque residents. Martinez worked until the factory closed in 1991 and noted the good severance packages and job training opportunities Levi Strauss offered to laid- off workers. Martinez also explains how the Union drive of ACTWU (Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union) raised awareness of safety on the job.

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Levi Strauss Albuquerque, piecework, line work, NAFTA, carpal tunnel, ergonomics, severance package, safety, class action for age discrimination, job training, blue jeans, Ethicon, General Mills, South Valley


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Rose Martinez Oral History Interview