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George E. "Jeep" Gilliland Oral History Interview

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Jeep Gilliland describes his long Labor history by starting with his apprenticeship in the Sheet Metal Workers' Union. Gilliland shares his knowledge of the Great Cowboy Strike (1883) and the labor trouble in the potash mines in Carlsbad. Gilliland served as the Business Rep for Local #49 for 3 terms before he was elected President of the NM State Federation of Labor in 1990. During his leadership tenure, he fought three major issues including Right to Work (killed 15 times), keeping the prevailing wage in place, and re-writing an improved NM Workers' Compensation Act. Gilliland also taught at the Rocky Mountain Labor School for nine years. Additionally, he shared his many awards earned over his active social and political life as well as displayed his artistic tables created from various metals woven together.

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SMWIA Local #49, Union Charter boxes, Right to Work legislation, prevailing wage, NM Workers' Compensation Act, lobbying, PEBA (Public Employee Bargaining Act), Eviction notice to Governor Johnson, equal wages for women, negotiation, political blood, Ernie Hall (UA 412).


Labor History


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