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Lillie Sandoval Oral History Interview


Lillie Sandoval Oral History Interview

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Lillie Sandoval started work as an LPN in 1974 and worked at St. Vincent's and Christus St. Vincent's in Santa Fe, NM for 42 years. Sandoval recounts her experiences from starting in "med surg" to becoming an RN in 1990 and spending most of her career as a pediatric nurse. She shares her participation in her Union starting in 1974 with the Professional Performance Association at St. Vincents. Sandoval notes that the Taft Hartley Act of 1974 gave nurses the right to organize a Union and bargain collectively. In the 1980s, the Union decided to affiliate with a national union, and they became District 1199 NM Hospital Workers' Union. Sandoval serves as Treasurer of the Union since the 1970s even though she retired from her job in 2012.

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District 1199 NM Hospital Workers Union, better working conditions and pay, contract negotiation, delegate, women's reproductive rights, arbitration, strike, Santa Fe Living Wage, informational picket, Taft Hartley Act of 1974.


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Lillie Sandoval Oral History Interview