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Maria "Bernice" Romero Oral History Interview

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Bernice Romero shares her work experiences working at Mountain Bell from 1972 until 2003 where she worked first as a phone operator using a "cork board" in Durango, CO and then as a Repair Clerk and finally as an Outside Technician. Romero was also a member of the Communication Workers of America CWA locals in Durango, CO and Albuquerque, NM. Romero describes her Labor and political activism advocating against discrimination of women, Hispanics, and Gay and Lesbian persons in New Mexico. She reveals the discrimination she experienced early on in her job as an operator in Durango CO as well as her own fight to work in a job that traditionally hired men only. She is currently active with CWA RMC 70010, retired CWA members.

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Union Steward; grievances; discrimination as a Hispanic; discrimination as a woman; integrity; seniority; picket lines; changes in work; phone company


Labor History


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