Background: The Taylor Spatial Frame (TSF) is a multiplanar external fixator with a computerized web-based program to provide accurate fractures reduction and deformity correction. This study aimed to evaluate our results after the treatment of complex lower extremity injuries with the external fixators including TSF. Methods: This retrospective case series included eight patients with complex lower extremity injuries treated with TSF. The medical records and radiographs were reviewed. The ASAMI score was used as an outcome measure. Statistical analysis used Microsoft Excel descriptive statistics. No inferential statistical tests were done owing to the small sample size. Results: The mean age was 37.5 years (range, 18-70 years). The study included a total of eight patients: seven men and one woman. The anatomic locations were six tibias and two femora. The mean external fixator time (EFT) was 5.2 months (range, 3-6 months). The mean follow-up time was 33.5 months (range, 24- 48 months). One patient developed refracture due to premature frame removal (12.5%). Autogenous bone grafting was performed for three patients (37.5%) and was the most common secondary procedure after the index operation. Knee stiffness occurred in two patients (25%). Restoration of limb alignment occurred in all patients. All patients achieved bone union except one who developed nonunion. The ASAMI bony and functional outcome scores were excellent and good in seven (87.5%) and one (12.5%) patient, respectively. Conclusions: TSF can be successfully used to treat various complex fractures, posttraumatic limb deformities, and bone nonunion with high minor complications major rate, intermediate major and 87.5% excellent outcome rate in this series.

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