Single-event multilevel surgery has been used successfully to treat pediatric patients with cerebral palsy for decades; however, it has not been widely used to treat adult patients. Tendinopathies of the arm often coexist, and performing single event surgery to correct one joint pathology may further exacerbate coexisting tendinopathies. Accordingly, performing single-event multilevel surgery in the appropriate patient allows for the correction of multiple conditions of the same limb in a single surgery. Single-event multilevel surgery offers many benefits, including cost savings, convenience for the patient, less potential complications owing to a single anesthetic and hospitalization event, and a shorter overall rehabilitation period. We present an adult patient with multiple tendinopathies of the left upper extremity, including subacromial impingement syndrome, bicipital tendinitis, lateral epicondylitis, and trigger finger. He underwent single-event multilevel surgery for all mentioned musculoskeletal pathologies, resulting in successful surgical correction without complications or adverse outcomes.

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