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Case Report: Amyloid Deposits in the Flexor Tenosynovium Found During Primary Carpal Tunnel ReleaseTunnel Release


A 76-year-old female previously diagnosed with flexor tenosynovitis, presented to the clinic complaining of right wrist pain and numbness in her fingers. She was seen again after a rheumatologic workup, which was negative. It was noted that there was thenar atrophy when compared to the contralateral side. She was then scheduled for carpal tunnel release surgery. During surgery, a large area of synovitis was encountered. A radical synovectomy was performed and this tissue was sent for culture and pathology. The findings were most consistent with age-related amyloidosis. One week after surgery, the patient was contacted by telephone and reported that her hand numbness and tingling had significantly improved, and she had resumed most of her daily activities. The patient was counseled regarding her pathology results and other manifestations of amyloidosis. A cardiology consult was recommended.

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