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Specimen collected 20 June 1947. Original Locality: Salt Cr. near Roswell. Locality: Salt Creek, near Roswell.Catalog number: MSB80; Taxa: Lepomis cyanellus; Common name: green sunfish; Count of specimens: 14; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB216; Taxa: Micropterus salmoides; Common name: largemouth bass; Count of specimens: 11; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB300; Taxa: Gambusia affinis; Common name: western mosquitofish; Count of specimens: 301; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB546; Taxa: Fundulus zebrinus; Common name: plains killifish; Count of specimens: 197; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1313; Taxa: Cyprinella lutrensis; Common name: red shiner; Count of specimens: 101; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1421; Taxa: Notropis stramineus; Common name: sand shiner; Count of specimens: 29; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1976; Taxa: Dorosoma cepedianum; Common name: gizzard shad; Count of specimens: 592; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB3445; Taxa: Cyprinodon pecosensis; Common name: Pecos pupfish; Count of specimens: 33; Standard length:



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