2 On the Cover: Leaving Independence by Charles Goslin

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6, 32 Art and the Trail: Edward Holslag at 21c Kansas City, by Joanne VanCoevern

7 In Memoriam: George Bayless Donohow, John Conoboy, Mary Cottom, Dorothy Kroh, Star Jones, Dr. Joyce Thierer

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14-20 Rebecca Mayer's 1852 Honeymoon with 50 Men and 500 Mules, Part 2 by Joy Poole

21-24 Searching for Page Blackwood Otero by Dr. Michael Olsen

24-25 What’s in the News along the Santa Fe Trail? Using Newspapers for Historical Research by Mary Penner

25 Book Review: Hispano Bastion: New Mexican Power in the Age of Manifest Destiny 1837-1860, by Michael J. Alarid. Reviewed by Noël-Marie Fletcher

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