2 On the Cover: The Trail to Santa Fe by Ron Kil Logo Design by Sultan Sultan

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5 Beyond New Mexico and Missouri: Diverse People and Places of the SFT by Guy McClellan

6 What Can the Trail Teach Us? by Steve Schmidt

7 International Connections of the Santa Fe Trail Map by Dr. Susan Calafate Boyle

8-16 The Santa Fe Trail and National Expansion: Commerce, Conquest, and Commemoration by Dr. Leo Oliva

17-23 Business, Politics, and Power: The Transcontinental World of Bent, St. Vrain and Company 1829-1849 by Dr. David C. Beyreis

23 Media Coverage of SFT Bicentennial

24-30 Going South to Mexico, 1825-1846: The Santa Fe Trade Merchants and Their Merchandise by Dr. Susan Calafate Boyle

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