2 On the Cover: Fur Trader at Bent’s Fort
4 President’s Corner
5 Joanne’s Jottings
6 Southern Fur Trade Symposium
7 Three Trails Conference
8 Photo of Ceran St. Vrain
9 Surveyor Joseph C. Brown Monument
10 The Pepperbox Revolving Pistol and Its Use in the West by Michael Schaubs
11 Becknell Desendants Photo
12 Bent, St. Vrain & Company, and Bent’s Fort by John Carson
15 The Mexican Connection by Dr. James A. Hanson
23 Military Impotent Against Indian Tribes
24 Books: Revisiting Four Classic Accounts of the Western Fur Trade and the Santa Fe Trail by Mike Olsen
26 Damaso Lopez: He Traveled El Camino Real and the Santa Fe Trail by Doyle Daves
31 Misconceptions: The Pony Express Carried Mail on the Santa Fe Trail: by Steve Schmidt
32 Chapter Reports
36 Calendar