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Community Water Systems


Apart from the major cities along the Rio Grande corridor, much of New Mexico remains relatively rural. Recent studies estimate a 2013population of around 2,085,500 statewide. In the state fiscal year 2011,about 1,836,000 people, or 88 percent of New Mexico’s population obtain their water from community water systems. Approximately 284,000 people, or about14 percent of the population, receive their drinking water from community water systems serving fewer than 5,000 people. As of 2012, there are 1,148 public water systems that provide drinking water in New Mexico. Of these systems, 593are community water systems; of these, 546 serve fewer than 5,000 people; of these, 410 serve fewer than 500 people; and, of these, 160 community water systems serve fewer than 100 people. Even in the more densely populated areas of the state, there are small systems located adjacent to the larger municipal systems.

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2009, updated 2013 by Sarah Armstrong. Contributors: Ellen Drew, Heather Himmelberger, Mathew Holmes, Rob Pine, and Blanca Surgeon.



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