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The Associated Women Students of the Uni­versity of New Mexico wish to present this book­let to the freshmen women and to the upperclass women who are entering the University for the first time.

We are attempting, with its aid, to acquaint the new women students with the activities, regulations, and traditions of the University. By the Co-Ed Code we sincerely hope you will become more quickly acquainted with the Uni­versity and will find a place for yourself among the numerous student activities. It is from co­operation with the University, its faculty, and its student body, through its organizations and activities, that the student reaches a fuller realization of college life.

We request that you bring the Co-Ed Code with you to college and keep it in your purse during Freshman Week.

The Council of the Associated Women Stu­dents wishes to thank all those who aided in the publication of this booklet, especially Dean Clauve and Miss Elizabeth Elder.

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Higher Education | United States History | Women's History

Co-Ed Code 1941-1942



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