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"My warmest greetings are extended to you, the entire study body, and especially to our new women students. We are happy in your selection of the University of New Mexico as your university, and we encourage you to take every advantage of the many opportunities offered for your intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social growth. With the many offerings of the University, we feel confident that each of you will be able to find many areas of interests and derive satisfactions from participating in and contributing to the over-all university community.

The Associated Women Students are eager to welcome and assist you and they will be on hand to do so when you arrive on campus.

The Office of the Dean of Women and the entire staff of the Personnel Office offers to you a hearty welcome and stands ready to be of any service to you at any time.

Again I extend to each of you our every wish for a challenging and satisfying university experience.

--Helen Whiteside, Dean of Women, UNM, 1951

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University of New Mexico




Higher Education | United States History | Women's History



  • Coed Creed
  • From the Dean of Women
  • Welcome from the AWS President
  • Travel
    • Train
    • Car
    • Plane
    • Visiting
    • Shipping
  • Dormitory Life
    • Your Roommate
    • Your Neighbors
    • Your Dormitory
    • Your Pets
  • Campus Know How
    • Drinking and Smoking
    • Social Life
    • Church
    • Clothes
  • Study
    • Well-Rounded Schedule
    • Honoraries
    • Scholastic Hints
  • Clothesline
  • Activities
  • Constitution of the Associated Women Students of the University of New Mexico
  • AWS House Standards for Women
    • Hours
    • Special Permissions
    • Closed Week
    • Summer Session
    • Absence from Residence
    • Illness
    • House Meetings
    • House Council
    • Change of Residence
    • Withdrawal from the University
    • Guests
    • Conduct
    • Dress Standards

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