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"Welcome to you the coeds of UNM who will be the members of the Associated Women Students for the year 1964-65. This is your handbook. I hope that you will read it carefully so that you may better understand the functions and standards of your self-governing organization."

"This year, A.W.S. is operating under a newly revised constitution. As a governing body, we still retain our three branches--Legislative, Executive and Judicial. The Legislative Council which meets one a week has been expanded to include thirteen elected members. These include the eight officers and five members at large elected from the All Women's Council."

--From the introduction by Gail Thomas Buckland, President, Associated Women Students

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Some of the artwork in these materials depicts ethnic and racial prejudices that were commonplace at the time these materials were created. While these depictions do not represent the views of University Libraries, the materials are being made available as they were originally created in the interest of preserving the historical record.

Saludos Amigas 1964



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