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TO THE GOVERNOR OF NEW MEXICO: AS PRESIDEN T OF THE UNIVERSITY, I have the honor to submit to you, trough the Regents, the report of the University of New Mexico for the academic year, 1958-59. Although basically this report covers the period from July I, 1958, to June 30, 1959, it also includes a number of significant developments of the last few months-current enrollment statistics, interesting new programs, and other events of importance-in order that it may present a more complete and timely picture of the University's activities. During a year of continued self-examination, of heightened efforts to secure equitable salaries for our faculty, and of grave concern for the problems caused by a rapidly expanding student population, it is a pleasure to report progress in a number of areas. It is especially gratifying to note the genuine interest shown by you and by the members and committees of the 24th Legislature, with a greater awareness of the critical needs of higher education than has been evidenced for many years. The $800,000 increase in the University's 1959 appropriation was far less than was requested, but there was no question but that the increase represented the maximum that was possible under existing circumstances. State officials, as well as legislative leaders, gave the universities and colleges the highest level of cooperation.


UNM Annual Reports, 1958-1959


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