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TO THE GOVERNOR OF NEW MEXICO: AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY, I have the honor to submit to you, through the Regents, the report of the University of New Mexico for the academic year, 1956-57. Higher education faces a challenge today which has increasingly serious implications-that of maintaining high quality of instruction while accommodating students in unprecedented numbers. Not only is the college-age population increasing at a rapid rate; a steadily growing proportion of this age group is going to college. There is little guesswork in predicting a doubled enrollment- 12,000 or more at the University of New Mexico by 1965 or 1970, and there is reason to doubt seriously that either facilities or faculty will be available in sufficient quantity or quality. Drastic steps on the national level are needed for a solution of this problem. President Eisenhower\'s Committee on :Education Beyond the High School has recently recommended "to every board of trustees, every legislature, and all others responsible for academic budgets that the absolute highest priority in the use of available funds be given to raising faculty salaries, with the goal of doubling the average level within 5 to 10 years,\'\' Salaries must certainly be raised and other methods for increasing the teacher supply must be explored exhaustively if we are to do more than a mediocre job in the years ahead. It is ai1 inescapable fact that there is a steady reduction in the number of qualified people who choose, and stay with, college teaching as a career.


UNM Annual Reports, 1956-1957


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