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The Academic Services Units which report to the Associate Provost share the responsibility of maintaining and developing the institution-wide infrastructure without which the instructional programs of the University could not operate. Collectively, their activities impact the academic life of every undergraduate student, every member of the teaching faculty, most graduate students and alumni and large numbers of staff members. The three largest Units, the Office of Admissions, the Registrar's Office and the Office of Undergraduate Studies perform the functions which are essential to the academic operations of any university. For example, they are responsible for the administration of the basic academic regulations which govern such fundamental matters as admission requirements, academic standing and graduation; they screen undergraduate applications and establish the personal record of each admitted student; evaluate the transcripts of transfer students and assign UNM credits; schedule classes and produce the Class Schedule and the Catalog; they provide academic management and academic advisement for UNM's new students; they process grades and maintain the records of every student in the UNM system; they check graduation qualifications and issue diplomas; they maintain the records of thousands of alumni. Every day, they work one-on-one with hundreds of students, and others, to answer questions, provide information and solve individual problems. The smaller Units, CAPS, the Testing Center and Veterans Affairs, offer more specialized academic support. They provide tutoring for students enrolled in undergraduate classes, academic testing for UNM students and community members and academic certification for student Veterans. The driving force behind the current activities and long-range plans of all these Units is to provide the most reliable, efficient, and effective academic infrastructure which supports students and faculty in their instructional activities. In the modem electronic database and communications environment, this means working closely with our colleagues at CIRT to ensure that UNM has the most up-to-date database and communications systems possible.


UNM Annual Reports, 1995-1996, Volumes 1-5


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