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SIGNIFICANT DEVELOPMENTS Preparation, approval by President Peck, delivery to NMCHE of UNM's response to House Memorials 38 and 25 (on minorities and women). Development and packaging of a presentation on minorities at UNM to Hispanic community people and organizations. Renewal of faculty instructional workload report and other information for use by President Peck and others in the President's Council in testimony to the legislature on accountability by faculty. Significant workload and contributions to WICHE's Diversity Project: - responses to long questionnaire - projected demographics - substitution for O. Forbes on planning for diversity Reprogramming of obsolete computer program of the University of Southern California's Faculty Planning Model. Work remains incomplete. Support and staff work for University Planning Council, Faculty Senate Long Range Planning Committee, Senate President, Senate Budget Committee, Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee, Admissions and Registration Committee, Staff Council; Graduate Petition and grade Review Subcommittee Service to NMCHE's Outcomes Assessment Advisory Group; NMCHE's review group on diversity plans Service on Albuquerque Business/Education Compact Conducted several special data analyses to provide user outcome information for the Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS). Wrote reports to summarize analyses. Served in an advisory capacity to VP Zuniga Forbes for the two surveys (Campus Climate for Diversity, ACT Student Opinion Survey) and helped to draw the sample for the ACT survey. Conducted secondary analyses and prepared report of all analyses of the Freshman Survey (CIRP) for VP Zuniga Forbes. Gave presentation of CIRP findings to the Regents Subcommittee on Student Affairs. Conducted secondary analyses and prepared report of all analyses of the Campus Climate for Diversity Survey for VP Zuniga Forbes.


UNM Annual Reports, 1992-1993, Volumes 1-4


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