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One of the tasks of a university president is to examine the strengths and weaknesses of his institution and, on the basis of this evaluation, recommend directions for the future course of the university. Accordingly, during the months since I took office on July 1, I have given a great deal of consideration to existing conditions and to the formulation of objectives which I believe will be of prime importance to the University of New Mexico in the years immediately ahead. There are four goals which I believe arc basic-maintaining the autonomy and integrity of the University, enhancing and improving the quality of undergraduate education, expanding the opportunity for education to all in New Mexico, and taking advantage of our fortunate urban setting to help solve, through research, teaching and services, some of the most serious problems of our times-the problems of cities, large and small. These subjects serve as the focus for this, my first report as President of the: University of New Mexico.


UNM Annual Reports, 1967-1968


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