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Dean's Report The Anderson Schools of Management faculty and staff continue to provide high quality BBA and MBA degrees while developing the ASM faculty\'s reputation as research scholars. We are also playing an important role in the economic community development of New Mexico. This report highlights our accomplishments in these three areas. 1. Teaching: The Anderson Schools of Management have experienced steady growth in the BBA and MBA programs over the last five years. This trend may be explained by the high job placement for both undergraduate and graduate students. A recent comparison with national business school peers indicates that BBA graduates earn a starting salary that is ten percent higher than peer institutions such as the Universities of Virginia, Washington, Iowa, Utah and other Commission on Higher Education designated universities. MBA graduates earn equivalent starting salaries as graduates from peer institutions. In addition to this strong performance, the Anderson Schools have made impressive gains in diversifying the student body. Success in attracting scholarships for student support is one factor explaining this success. 2. Research: In the past year, our faculty has published over 70 articles in refereed journals. In addition, they report numerous proceedings, conference presentations and invited talks. As noted in the "Faculty Highlights" section, individual faculty members are national leaders in their fields. 3. Community Service: Our faculty has been active in the community, providing service to everything from state divisions and large corporations to the smallest nonprofit and cooperative ventures. These accomplishments are highlighted in the "Faculty Highlights" section of this report. The Anderson Schools of Management were recently re-accredited by the AACSB, an indication of the quality of ASM\'s programs. Yet, the Anderson Schools of Management are among the most efficient providers of student credit hours and degrees at the University of New Mexico. We have also undertaken extensive efforts to continuously improved our programs, research, and community outreach through alumni and student surveys. Howard Smith Dean Robert O. Anderson School and Graduate School of Management


UNM Annual Reports, 1998-1999, Volumes 1-4


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