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The annua1 report of the University of New Mexico for the year 1966 is devoted principally to the discussion of a problem which we believe deserves the attention of everyone with more than average concern for the affairs of our state. This problem is caused by the rapid Space Age evolution of the national economy-an evolution which has produced an extraordinary new demand for education at the graduate level and simultaneously has made the centers of such advanced education both magnets for, and producers of, our new technical and scientific industries. It also has brought exciting changes in the development of the social sciences and the humanities. Two years ago, the New Mexico Commission on Statewide Higher Education Problems, in a comprehensive study made for the Board of Educational Finance, assigned to the University of New Mexico a major role in meeting this new demand. It is now apparent that the future course of the economy of our state inevitably depends largely upon how well this responsibility is met. Therefore, it seems fitting in this report to discuss in some detail the complexities of the graduate education situation which confronts us, our efforts to serve New Mexico in this field, and our successes and shortcomings.


UNM Annual Reports, 1965-1966


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