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Division of Enrollment Management 2008-2009 Goals and Accomplishments • Enrollment Results: Broke the funding formula 3% "enrollment band" in 2009. This had not been done since 2003. Increased Fall 2008 new freshmen by 10.8%. Increased Spring 2009 transfer students by 12.6%. Increased National Scholars from 14 in 2007 to 39 in 2008 and 73 in 2009 (92% increase). Overall enrollment for Fall 2009 increased 5.75% including 5.7% for new freshmen, 30% for new transfers with large growth in non-residents. • Expanded our communication capacity by purchasing Hobson\'s EMT E-Mail software that allows us to communicate more frequently and effectively with all students. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution has also been purchased and will be automating communications in Fall 2009. • Developed email letterhead prototype for all enrollment units. • Re-engineered the admissions office to allow for more accountability and productivity of staff and service level. • Set service level expectations for admissions to two working days. We are now committed to communicating with students within two working days of receipt of documents. • Re-engineered the financial aid process and reduced the number of forms required. This resulted in 7,000 less pieces of paper students had to submit and be processed. We no longer require verification of childcare expenses as we will be using average cost of child care. Driver\'s license number is no longer required for the F AFSA form. No forms needed for second bachelors degree as we can retrieve this information through Banner. No need for graduation date change form as it can be pulled from Banner. • Established a Communications Center that will handle all incoming calls for the entire division as well as provide telecounseling efforts in the evening. Additionally, the Center will house "Chat With Us" initiative allows students to engage with us by way of online chat. The result is phone calls answered in a timely manner and a student friendly virtual environment to conduct business. • Rolled out "How Can We Help You" campaign during Fall registration. This campaign is ongoing during every registration period where staff are deployed to assist students with their registration questions. All personnel involved with this campaign wear "How Can We Help You" stickers so that students know that we are there to assist them. • Initiated the first comprehensive recruitment plan for transfer students.


UNM Annual Reports, 2008-2009, Volumes 1-6


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