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As of October 1st, I will have completed my first year as President of the University of New Mexico. The job of a university president has been defined as combining the attractions of taking a stroll through hell in a paper shirt with that of taking a bath in a cement mixer. But for me, and my family, this has been a wonderful year of new associations, new friends, and new challenges the latter coming sometimes at the rate of one or more a day. I have had a lot of internal guidance and support on the home front, particularly from my six-year-old twins, Bonnie and Brooke. They have taught me a 1ot about New Mexico economics. My wife and I discovered, much to our horror, that they were having a real impact on the Legislative Finance Committee. At one of the gatherings in our home where we had several members of the Legislature visiting, the twins came up to me gleefully, each bearing a handful of nickels and dimes. It turns out that they were selling the peanuts that we had set around in trays. I am sure the Legislators were impressed with the dire financial straits of the campus.


UNM Annual Reports, 1975-1976, Volumes 1-3


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