Grace Xu

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Reducing the volume of brain damage after stroke has been a focus of recent research due to its effect on recovery time and quality of life. Changes in proteasomal activities are related to ischemic damage of brain. Proteasome inhibition has been suggested as a potential treatment option for stroke. However, the mechanism of alteration of proteasomal activities in neurons under ischemic conditions is not known. In study, we investigated the role of glucose in regulating proteasomal activities in neuronal cells under ischemic condition. We found that glucose concentration had remarkable differential effect on both 20S and 26S proteasomal activities in SH-SY5Y cells under hypoxic exposures. Further investigation revealed that reactive oxygen species caused increase or decrease of 20S and 26S activities, dependent on the level of ROS. Finally,antioxidant treatment confirmed that ROS was responsible, at least in part, for the changes of proteasomal activities in ischemic neurons.