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In a world becoming increasingly connected electronically the divide between people working in different at different levels, in different departments, organizations, and countries are melting away. It is becoming easier to "cross" political, economic and national borders. However, to participate in this global workplace, workers will need: local information and technological infrastructures access to global connectivity at reasonable speed and reliability the skills required to work digitally the attitudes needed to work in an increasingly ambiguous, paradoxical, and complex work environment access to pertinent and affordable information appropriate management structures to support virtual work and, most importantly, leaders with vision and an understanding of what motivates this new type of worker This monograph addresses all of these issues in the context of the development of digital libraries. To develop the software, digital content, human resources and services needed for successful digital library projects require innovation and working in new ways. The chapter authors were drawn from a variety of information technology situations. They provide, first, an understanding of the broad concepts and principles underlying the global electronic information economy. Secondly, the skills needed to develop digital library projects and detailed examples of successful projects, and finally, ways to integrate and deliver a variety of digital information and educational services based on digital library content and functions.


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Digital Libraries and Virtual Workplaces: Important Initiatives for Latin America in the Information Age



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Digital Libraries, Technology Infrastructure


no. 71, Chapter 1. Work and Productivity in the 21st Century:, Chapter 2. E-business, e-ideas, e-government, e-policies, and e-education:, Chapter 3. Scholarly publishing and intellectual property in the electronic environment:, Chapter 4. Overview of Digital Library developments:, Chapter 5. Overview of a Guide for Electronic Theses and Dissertations:, Chapter 6. The technology infrastructure supporting digital library developments:, Chapter 7. Digital Libraries and distance education:, Chapter 8. Digital Information for Latin American Social Medicine: A case study:, Chapter 9. Science and technology information and digital library initiatives in Latin America:, Chapter 10. Databases and Portals for knowledge management: