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Winter 2013


Although the Armendáriz surname is uncommon in New Mexico today,

the Armendáriz family was important in New Mexico during the early

to mid-1800s, with key political, diplomatic, and social links to Texas; California;

Washington, D.C.; and Mexico. The lives of the Armendárizes attest

to the long and constant movement of people, trade, and politics along El

Camino Real de Tierra Adentro (the Royal Road of the Interior) and to the

formation of a binational region. From Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the El Paso/

Ciudad Juárez border and Chihuahua City to Mexico City, the Armendáriz

family legacy demonstrates that New Mexico has never been completely isolated

from the larger history, national formation, or culture of Mexico. This

article recounts five generations of Armendárizes to explore how one New

Mexico family helped shape a transnational border region in the Mexican

North and American Southwest.

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New Mexico Historical Review


New Mexico history; Chihuahua history, transnational research; political history; US / Mexico relations; US Southwest history