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The purpose of this report is to provide space information about the physical collections held by the College of the University Libraries and Learning Sciences (the College). Physical collections are held at all 4 branch libraries on the University of New Mexico main campus: Centennial Science and Engineering Library (CSEL), Fine Arts and Design Library (FADL), William Jackson Parish Memorial Business and Economics Library (PML), and Zimmerman Library (ZIMM). At the request of Interim Dean Mike Kelly, this report was prepared for incoming Dean, Rick Clement, to provide an overview of collections and the spaces they inhabit within the College. The report summarizes the total amount of bookshelf space and how much of that is occupied by collections. The report also includes information on cabinets and the square footage occupied by cabinets. The report provides key findings about collection spaces, and recommendations for maintaining the growing collection in the future.




College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences