This this article sets forth the case law propounded by the Grand Traverse Band Tribal Court. The Grand Traverse Band, with whom the United States concluded two treaties in the 19th Century, only to be denied sovereign status wrongly for over one hundred years, was "re-recognized" by the United States in 1980. The 1988 Grand Traverse Band Constitution established a politically independent Tribal Judiciary that has ruled on a wide spectrum of issues ranging from administrative and constitutional law to fishing and gaming, and from sovereign immunity and tribal economic development to tribal membership. The Restatement distills the principles of the common law of the Grand Traverse Band from well over 75 published opinions, drawing on, interpreting, and complementing the 1988 Constitution and the Grand Traverse Band Code. The authors' efforts to compile the common law of the Tribal Judiciary will greatly assist members and counsel appearing before the Tribal Court, and in addition will provide helpful guidance and inspiration to the judiciaries of other tribes.



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