In 1998, for the first volume of the Tribal Law Journal, Former Chief Justice Robert Yazzie, Navajo Nation, was asked to submit an introduction and welcome for the Tribal Law Journal.

In his Introduction and Welcome, he details how the Tribal Law Journal will further the understanding of the internal laws of Indian nations, along with those of indigenous nations throughout the world. He emphasizes that this Journal will be a place for native voices to be heard and will allow others to speak with the tribes.

In effort to integrate native languages into the Tribal Law Journal, the Tribal Law Journal asked Hon. Robert Yazzie to interpret his original introduction and welcome from English into Diné for republication in the 20th Anniversary Edition.

It is very important for us to begin including the languages of tribes in the Tribal Law Journal as it is their very voices for which the Tribal Law Journal was created.

In order to further integrate Navajo culture into this project, we are honored to showcase the work of Navajo artist Jonathan Curley as the background in this presentation.

The recording is not currently available.


Audio and Translation by Honorable Robert Yazzie.



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