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Soft-Voiced Warrior Song


Soft-Voiced Warrior Song is a mixed media construction. The piece started with a basic image of a man’s head, using black acrylic paint on a white canvas. This is to suggest that in the beginning things were, for the most part, black and white. The laws of engagement were simple. It was essential to maintain harmony with one’s environment. Among the Anishinabek, to sustain this balance, the Soft-Voiced-Warrior-Song was employed; this was a way of recognizing your place within the environment to determine if diplomacy or war was the most likely to return unity. Song was a method of listening to the surrounding to ensure the most effective method of preserving harmony and protecting one another when in times of war. With the coming of the European settlers, the harmony became more difficult. This new dimension to the story of engagement has been expressed by using coloured wax to the Warrior figure. Into the wax was carved the teachings. This shows the new depth of the relationship.



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