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Spring 5-5-2023


Engaging with theoretical concepts and dramaturgical tools, this essay follows my journey through The Dramatic Writing MFA program at the University of New Mexico, focusing on the production of my thesis play, Smokebox. In Part I, I give the background and development of my journey as a playwright, exploring the obstacles I faced and overcame through my engagement with coursework and staged readings. I map out the development of Smokebox, from its humble beginnings as a class assignment, to its transformation through workshop, and finally its realization through an intense rehearsal and production process. In Part II, I utilize my academic background in performance studies to critically analyze my own work and suggest how it fits into the tapestry of feminist and queer theory. Through both sections, I use my experience in the program to formulate a mode of artmaking and critical engagement which provides the foundation for my future goals in theatre, film, and beyond.

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Dramatic Writing

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Theatre & Dance

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Gregory Moss

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Dominika Laster

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Erik Ehn

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James Stone


theatre, performance studies, memory, queer theory, feminist theory

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