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The purpose of this research was to study how performance has influenced the Mormon people in contemporary times and throughout history. This study examines various influential moments in the history of the LDS church that had an impact in shaping this group of people culturally. The thesis as a whole studies how the relationship with the media within the religion has become an ambivalent one. The first chapter of the thesis contextualizes the history of the church in order to analyze how performance has played a role in contemporary culture. The second chapter examines specific performances in contemporary Mormon culture. The performances analyzed include the I am a Mormon' campaign that has been the most recent missionary effort to come from the Mormon Church. The third chapter compares these seminal moments in history and contemporary Mormon culture to analyze the differences between the use of the media in the Mormon Church and other Christian religions. Throughout the thesis the idea of identity and ambivalence are further defined in relation to the church.

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Theatre & Dance

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Herrera, Brian

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Pearson, Susan

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Jones, Megan Sanborn




Mormon Church--History, Mormon Church--Missions, Mormon press, Mormons in mass media, Identity (Philosophical concept), Ambivalence

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