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Summer 7-11-2017


Dramatugy During New Play Development explores how modern dramaturgy during new play development provides opportunity for the author and collaborators to realize the works potential. This dramaturgical process occurrs during ongoing dialogue and collaboration among the director, script consultant, and artistic design team which include actors, stage manager, costume designers, set designers, prop master, lighting designer, choreographer, and musician. Maintaining an open rehearsal room encourages collaborators to ask questions about the play and share discovery and suggestions with the entire group. This mode of production creates an atmosphere where the script writer is constantly presented with gifts of information and insight to enrich the script and further support the concept, characters, setting, movement, soundscape and story.

New play development provides the extraordinary opportunity to fully dissect and analyze the dramaturgical experience of making theater. Bertolt Brecht predicted that the modern theatre requires the dramaturgy of a collaborative process and its necessity for production. El Matador was written with heavy influence of the Brechtian ‘epic theatre’ style, therefore conversations with Brecht’s epic theatre and the dramaturgical contributions from the director, the actors, the musician, the choreographer, and the design team are reflected upon throughout the text.

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Dramatic Writing

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Theatre & Dance

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Gregory S. Moss

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Eva Encinias-Sandoval

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Susanne Baackmann

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Dominika Laster




dramaturgy, dramaturgical, Brecht, epic theatre, new play development, collaboration, theatre, movement theatre

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