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Fall 10-23-2018


The following essay communicates my journey as a longtime theatre artist as I have navigated my way through the discipline, and towards the craft of playwriting. My intention to study in the program was soon escalated by an existential turning point subsequent to the neoliberal agenda that gained momentum pre, post, and during the election of 2016. This thesis is in response to the question, "Why make theatre now?" I approach this query through the themes and the characters in my plays; through a socio-cultural-historic lens, and via an examination of the creative process as it relates to the metaphysics of dreaming and the science of quantum physics. This essay culminates with a description of my thesis play, Los Dreamers and the text of the play itself.

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Dramatic Writing

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Theatre & Dance

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Greg S. Moss

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Dominika Laster

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Adriana Ramírez de Arellano

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Miguel Gandert




Immigration, Latinx, Dreamers, Quantum, Playwriting, Theatre

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Playwriting Commons