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This essay will explore the representation of the Latin American female identity in Dramatic Narratives. It analyzes the sexualized Latina stereotype frequently portrayed in the media and discusses how I, as a Cuban American playwright, approach creating more authentic portrayals of the contemporary Hispanic American woman. Consequently, this paper contributes to research in the fields of performance studies, specifically identity politics and the politics of representation with further implications in dramatic theory and women's studies. The failing state of Latina representation on U.S. television must be addressed as English-language networks are presently striving to provide relatable programming to the growing Hispanic American audience. One popular trope that continues to stunt the growth of Latina Identity is that of the "Latina Sex Bomb." The most prominent embodiment of this stereotype, currently on the air, is the role of Gloria Delgado-Prichet, the inarticulate-but-curvy Columbian mom on ABC's sitcom Modern Family. This essay will first examine the characteristics that form this sexualized stereotype in film and television. Then it will look at Latina characters from my works for the stage, Casualties of Dreams & Sand and The Invasive Kind, to discuss writing strategies that I implement to break away from the Latina Sex Bomb. These are strategies that I will carry into my future work as a television writer, hoping to transform Latina representation in the media. This essay also reveals how the awareness of my own individual identity as a Cuban woman inspires me to feed the current need for diversity in Latina narratives.

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Theatre & Dance

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Latino, Latina, Feminism, Identity Politics, Cuba, Cuban American, Sexualized, Feminist, Playwriting, Ethnicity, Hispanic American, The Invasive Kind, Casualties of Dreams and Sand, Gender Identity, Stereotypes, Dramatic Theory, Latin American, Female Identity, Sexualized Latina, Latina Stereotypes

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