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This essay is informed by my evolution as a dramatic writer. Along with developing a definition and understanding of the term "emotional location", this essay will explore the growth of my work, and how it relates or differs in form and structure from the theatrical texts of Bertolt Brecht, the directorial and devised techniques of Jerzy Grotowski, as well as the theoretical performance analysis of Aristotle's Poetics. The essay will also highlight the intellectual questions that have shaped my thinking, and by extension, the creative work that I have produced while participating in the M.F.A. program. My work will primarily be evaluated through the description and understanding of how drama creates specific emotional locations for the audience. The analysis of my creative evolution occurs particularly through investigating the success, failure, and the identification of emotional context in the work I have generated while participating in the M.F.A. program for Dramatic Writing.

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Dramatic Writing

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Theatre & Dance

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Linnell, James

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Herrera, Brian

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McDuffie, Matthew

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Moss, Gregory




Disposable Boys, drama, emotional location, affect, performance studies, dramatic writing, Kevin Elder, theatre, Playwriting

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