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In flamenco there exists a conversation revolving around ideas of authenticity and purity. This dialogue advances a claim that there is true' flamenco. From this discussion I extract for my research the idea of truth in flamenco, as opposed to true flamenco. This idea of truth moves away from the traditional purity dialogue. Stemming away from the insistence upon a single ideal of correctness, this pursuit focuses instead on searching for genuine comprehension in the art, this comprehension affords clarity and truth. The concept of truth has been present in my mind as an artist for several years. I constantly seek to find a truthful and genuine voice in my creative journey. Though pursuing truth as an artist involves gaining awareness and skill in the technical, choreographic, and musical aesthetics that are central to flamenco, it also involves becoming familiar with flamenco in a broader way, by studying its history and culture. In this paper I describe how I and other flamenco artists pursue truth, purity, and authenticity in flamenco. I look at how researchers pursue truth by demystifying the origins and development of flamenco; and I look at people and events that shaped modern manifestations of flamenco dance, especially those that inspire my work. I finish by describing my work currently and placing my work within the history of flamenco.

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Theatre & Dance

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flamenco, dance, music, tradition, purism

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