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In the Open Air: Rediscovering Self and the Environment through Site-Specific Dance and Alternative Teaching Methods examines the accessibility of modern and contemporary dance today. It reflects on personal research, teaching values and the human/nature interface as motives for bringing dance out of the theatre and into nontraditional environments. I examine methodologies for creating and teaching dance in nature and nontraditional settings. To support this research I have studied Anna Halprin and her approach of taking dance outdoors as a way of promoting community and self-discovery. I also review why Halprins work matters to me. I share my inspirations and approaches for creating Radicles: Rediscovering humankind's primary roots, a site-specific dance. Finally, I discuss the effects of site-specific dance in nature and introduce the importance of innovative teaching methodologies to engage the individual and the community in modern and contemporary dance.

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Theatre & Dance

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Jewell, Donna

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Conde Reche, Vladimir

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Santos Newhall, Mary Anne

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Encinias-Sandoval, Eva

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Pujic, Erika




Site-Specific, Dance, Environment, Teaching, Modern and Contemporary, Aldo Leopold, New Mexico, Albuquerque

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